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What are the reasons for insufficient and uneven hardness of plastic mold processing?

The hardness of die heat treatment is a very important mechanical property index, and the unqualified hardness is a very serious defect. After heat treatment, insufficient or uneven hardness will reduce the wear resistance and fatigue strength of the mold. Plastic mold processing manufacturers say that this will lead to early failure of the mold and seriously reduce the service life of the mold.
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What problems are generally solved in injection mold design

The injection mold structure should be reasonable. According to the drawings and technical requirements of the plastic parts, research and select the appropriate molding method and equipment, combined with the machining capacity of the factory, propose an injection mold structure plan, fully solicited opinions
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General steps of plastic mold design

1) Craft analysis of plastic parts (2) determine the selection and molding process of molding equipment (3) injection molding process analysis and structural design of injection molds (4) the size of the plastic mold design
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Brief introduction of gas - assisted injection system in plastic mould

Gas auxiliary injection molding system, this advanced system and technology, is to directly inject nitrogen into the plastic plastic in the mold cavity via the segmented pressure control system, causing the internal expansion surface of the plastic parts, but still maintain the shape of the product surface Intact.
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Analysis of causes of bubbles on plastic mould products

Different from the portion of the bubbles appearing on the plastic mold product, the cause of the cause is different.
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Three main causes of cracks in plastic mold products and detailed solutions

Cracking often occurs in the molding process of plastic molds, which is a common defect in plastic products, and the main cause is due to stress and deformation. There are mainly residual stress, external stress and stress deformation caused by the external environment.
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Design requirements for injection molds

The characteristics of the injection mold are determined by the characteristics of the raw materials. There are two main points: one is the filling flow characteristics of the plastic melt during injection, and the other is the shrinkage position of the plastic in the cavity during cooling and solidification.
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What parameters do you need to pay attention to?

Today, the application of plastic products is quite extensive, and the production process of plastic products has not been improved. It is well known that the main production method of plastic products is injection molding. The following small series will provide you with more information on injection molding.
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Several questions that should be paid attention to in injection molding

Injection molding is a fairly complex process. It should be involved in physical and chemical and other expertise. Therefore, we must pay special attention. Otherwise, it will produce a lot of defects, which will affect the normal efficiency of plastic parts processing. . Some problems in the process of injection molding do you need special attention? The following South Asia TEDA injection molds will introduce several issues that should be paid attention to in injection molding.
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Injection mold processing process analysis

Injection moulds are almost batch forming in the process of injection processing. At this time, the processing method and process of injection moulds are particularly important. If they are not processed according to the requirements of the rules, it is likely to damage the injection moulds. To this end, Changzhou Ming chuang plastic industry provides injection mold processing method process analysis: generally, do not need to dry materials.
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